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Environmental & Corrosion Test Equipment

Auto Technology Company Environmental Test Chambers deliver accuracy, efficiency and value. For accurate, reproducible test results, Auto Technology offers a complete selection of environmental test chambers designed to meet over 40 major ASTM, automotive, military and commercial specifications for salt fog, humidity and corrosive gas tests. All chambers are designed to withstand the corrosive environments they produce.

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Cyclic Salt Corrosion Test Equipment

The Auto Technology Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) Chambers are the industry’s most advanced, flexible and robust test chambers available anywhere in the world. Our Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber can provide the user with a wide range of controlled cycles to meet a variety of Industry standard specifications. The CCT chambers can create a mixture of environments in an exposure zone by cycling automatically between salt fog, high humidity, low humidity with dry-off, dwell and ambient conditions for any length of time. Get a Quick Quote

Centrifugal Dryers

The Auto Technology Centrifugal Dryers are known for their robust durability and ease of service. We offer six centrifugal dryers ranging in capacity from 75lbs to 800 lbs. Each dryer varies in load capacity, horsepower and basket size, allowing optimum use of energy and floor space. We offer a complete line of dryer baskets in various sizes and materials of construction. Whether your application calls for mild steel, stainless or polypropylene, Auto Technology has a basket designed to suit your needs.

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Automatic Finishing Equipment

Auto Technology offers a full line of automatic plating equipment, including split-rail machines, turnkey systems and programmable hoists. For plating applications where fixed cycles are performed at high production rates, the Split Rail Machine provides simple and efficient operation. Also available are off-line conveyors, live entry/exit, delayed set down or early pickups and automatic load/unload systems.

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Contract Test Laboratory

Auto Technology’s newly A2LA accredited contract test lab is ready to meet your most difficult environmental testing needs. This is A2LA certified to be in compliance with ISO guide 17025. We offer a wide variety of contract testing services and we specialize in advanced corrosion, cyclic corrosion and environmental testing.  Our 55,000 square foot facility houses all types of environmental test equipment to meet your testing needs.

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Auto Technology Company

Auto Technology is the industries leader in environmental testing, corrosion test equipment, centrifugal dryers and automated finishing equipment. Since the 1950's, we have been providing our customers with technologically advanced equipment and services. In 2009, we built the largest, most modern test lab specializing in corrosion environmental testing, allowing us to be your true one stop solution to all of your testing needs.

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Products & Services

  • Auto Technology's newly A2LA accredited contract test lab is ready to meet your most difficult environmental testing needs. We specialize in advanced corrosion, cyclic corrosion and environmental testing.
  • We offer Preventative Maintenance and Calibration services for all your testing equipment.
  • All services are performed by factory certified technicians to provide the highest level of service.

Clients are saying...

" As a corrosion test lab supervisor, I have had the opportunity to work with many equipment manufacturers, and many types of corrosion chambers. Auto Technology has consistently been the front-runner in corrosion chambers for me. Their chambers are reliable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The knowledge of the personnel is unsurpassed in the corrosion industry. " - Michelle Audette, Henkel Corporation
Hear what our previous students have said about our Corrosion Testing Classes:
" Loved all of the test specifications included. Powerpoint was wonderful, when mixed with prectical demonstrations it really drove everything home. " - Natalie Z.
" Great course. Very informative. The troubleshooting and unit set up information was great. "
" Great classes! Great Job ! " - Tony B.
" I learned a lot of about the salt fog units and their daily requirements as well as identifying potential issues. "
" Great class guys, thank you ! " - John F.
Thank you! I didn’t have a lot of information prior to class but left the class ready to start testing. "
" Presenters created a fun and informative environment. All questions were answered and the hands on training was very helpful. " - Fico L.
" Excellent training. Very fun and educational environment to learn in. "
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